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Connection, Communication, & Kink


About Simple Steps

Simple Steps is a program that uses dance techniques to improve your relationship communication.  Using our decades of dance, kink, and relationship counseling experience, we teach you how to incorporate an extra element of elegance and eroticism to your relationships.

Simple Steps To Sexier Scenes

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Dancing is like any relationship - it's a two-way interaction that relies on the connection between the partners to be successful. Strengthen and deepen your connection and your ability to connect with others through dance.


Relationships rely on communication, verbal and non-verbal.  Dancers have to communicate with a very high level of sensitivity to transmit nuanced information in very little time, often with no words at all.  This can translate into your ability to communicate with your partner off the dance floor as well as on.

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Dancing and kink are more similar than one might think.  Both involve deep trust, intense connection, advanced communication, and often one person leading or directing while the other follows. Incorporating dance into a D/s scene, or a little kink in your dances, is a natural progression of the bonding that can happen between partners.

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