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Who Are We?


Joreth Innkeeper

Founder & Instructor

Joreth has been partner dancing and doing relationship and communication workshops for more than twenty years each. 


She began her journey as a college freshman, majoring in marriage and family counseling, and taking her first ballroom dance class for her required physical education credit. 


After college, Joreth returned to the entertainment industry, working in theater, broadcast television, concerts, and other live events,.  For the last decade, she has been hosting events and working in live event production, while moonlighting as a ballroom dancer, professional Bollywood dancer, and dance party host on the side.

Joreth brings together all her experience of interpersonal relationship management, dance, entertainment, and live events through her various keynotes and interactive conference workshops.  She is currently co-authoring a book on how to ethically break up with a romantic partner, with her former partner.

Sterling Bates


Sterling has worked with personality and social psychology both personally and professionally for nearly twenty years.


Originally a mathematics and IT professional, he founded and now runs a research and development company that takes the best from psychology and uses software technology to empower people and their relationships.


His work is used in many areas from professional sports teams to Fortune 50 companies and individuals.


He is a proud member of the International Association of Psychological Type and served on the Board of Directors for 4 years. He is the co-writer of a forthcoming book on how to break up with a romantic partner.

Colin Headshot 4_vignette_med.png

Colin Claypool

Demo Bunny

Colin was bitten by the dancing bug right out of high school, when he was first introduced to lindy hop, and then ballet.  

After finishing his national tour with the ballet company, Colin continued to dance and teach lindy hop across the United States.

Colin then went on to found Etoille Dancewear and the Claypool Clothing Company stores for dancers and dance clothing, found at

On the side, Colin continues to teach dance while building his non-profit organization dedicated to helping adult dancers earn a reasonable living through their craft.

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